Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 30: 335 days left…93 books to go!

Simple Abundance  Becoming More Magnetic to Money 
  • "The path to personal wealth is regular saving and sharing, controlling expenditures, living debt-free, increasing prosperity throug prudent investment, protecting the bulk of your wealth from loss, owning property, establishing a future income for old age, and increasing the ability to earn money through perseverance."  There were a few ideas in this chapter that are ahead of where Jay & I are in our finances right now...there isn't a $100 bill to be had to carry around with me to remind me of my abundance....maybe one day!
Make Room for Mystery, Awaken to the Magic
  • Reading complete...
NOVEMBER....."November's beauty radiates from within."

Embracing the Ebb
  • "Earthly souls ebb and flow in sorrow and joy according to the seasons of emotion, just as the seasons of the natural world move through the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.  These are the days to be grateful for the harvest of the heart however humble it might be, and to prepare for the coming of the year's closure...This too shall pass."

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