Friday, November 20, 2009

Day 49: 316 days left…88 books to go!'s confession time! 

  For those of you who may have been following-along as I've attempted to keep-up with daily reading, daily blogging, reading will surely have noticed that I've been severely falling behind!  Yikes!  And the baby's not even here yet!  Here's the reason...I have finally started taking-on the housewife responsibilities full-boar!  And I've actually been loving it!  I'm almost finished my 2nd-consecutive week of planning meals ahead of time and cooking consistenly throughout the week...this morning, I even made a hot breakfast for the household for the first time!  My goal has been to make 4 evening dinners, 3 lunches & 1-2 hot breakfasts each week, sneaking some baking or desserts in when I can.  The gaps are times when my husband Jay doesn't come home for lunch or is working in the evenings and those are mostly accommodated with leftovers and my making myself simple meals with pasta & sandwiches, etc.  I've also been committing to general house-cleaning more than ever before...and subsequently, I had to finish reading & then blog about around 5 days-worth of daily reading today!  AND, the worst part is....I'm 2 books behind in my challenge!  That's the worst I've been behind yet...

  So, these next couple of weeks will really be the test of time...of course, I have several To-Do's that I really need to clear off my desk today & some house-cleaning & dinner to make for tonight...but I would love nothing more than to finish a few books and get caught-up....bear with me, if you can & wish me luck....looks like I need it!

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