Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 14: Happy Friday!!! 351 days left…97 books to go!

  Happy Friday everyone!  The weekend is here!  Although, my life is pretty-much the weekend all the time these days and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, I realize that for most of you, Friday is a pretty exciting thing!  I started this blog as a personal venture, a challenge for myself to rev-up some motivation and accomplish a seemingly impossible goal while also tackling some pretty big life changes this year!  Of course, after watching "Julie & Julia" occurred to me that it would be great if a few people actually paid attention to my little journey with this blog.....but I'm determined to use it as my own little daily therapy, regardless of  whether anyone else reads it or not!  I'm delighted that a couple of my close friends HAVE been following along already, even though they're not listed as "followers" on blogspot and I am terribly encouraged by that!!!

  You may notice, if YOU're one of the possible YOU's who read this blog!....that the past couple of days, I have been splitting my reading commentaries into labels according to the type of reading it is....My daily blogs seemed awfully long & I wondered if as many people were interested in everything I was reading, whether it be from the Bible or Sarah's Simple Abundance or one of the Book Challenge selections....or if you'd rather click on the different labels and see what's new for each type......By splitting my commentaries up, I've stopped giving much of a "Hey, how's it going" spheal with updates on my life & how the pregnancy is coming along.....but I have had @ least one friend come forward that they enjoyed my little blurbs @ the beginning of the daily blog with a personal & baby update.....I'm not sure at this point what the best solution is......If anyone else who's been perusing my blog has an insight, please go ahead & toss your thoughts this way!  I'm all ears!!!

  For today, I will try giving this "hello" to the world!  Possibly highlight on what I'm reading for you briefly, and then divy-out my commentaries on today's reads in their seperate labels....we shall see how that goes!
  •   Personal UpdateI've been feeling quite tired this week, I must admit....and I'm curious at that because I was under the impression that I would be on this energy-burst until at least the beginning of the 3rd Trimester (another 6 weeks) or even into the 7th Month.....maybe I'm just fighting-off the sickness that is really going around this house lately!  Who knows?!  I was thrilled to have my cousin & her 9 month-old baby Ixara visiting with us today...what a sweetheart!  I think my favorite part was seeing how my husband Jay interracted with him!  I cannot wait to see him as a father!  He'll be our babies saving grace on this earth!  Such fun!  Spending time with my cousin & the tiredness I'm dealing with is why today's blog is coming about so late in the evening....
  • Baby Update:  I am going to introduce Baby Nelson to you officially today, I have decided!  Baby's gender & name are not plastered all over facebook @ this point...but as a reward to anyone who may be supporting my it is!  Ladies & Gentlemen, for the first time.......@ 21 weeks in the oven! Our son,  Zion Nelson!!!  

  • Reading Challenge Update:  Well, I definitely hit my first few snags this past week!  I missed 2 days of reading in a row and had to blog 3-days worth all on one day on Wednesday!  And it looks like I'm going to be behind in completing "Gone With the Wind" on schedule....supposed to start the next read tomorrow...we'll see!  The sooner I complete today's daily readings, the sooner I can crack-down with Scarlet O'Hara throughout Part 3 & beyond to see how she single-handedly saves Tara!  I've been learning SO much in taking-in pieces of Scripture every day in my Bible Reading....something I've always desired in my daily routine & it's been incredibly rewarding....and most days, I glean a wealth of wisdom from Sarah's  Simple Abundance.....The Love Dare has been quite difficult for me to succeed is HARD stuff!  Although I aim to keep persevering, the reading alone is helpful to my marriage and I'm glad I'm attempting to tackle it!  Thanks SO much to those of you who are following along.....this has already been so fun for me and with your continuing encouragement.....(comments please!!!)  I will hopefully reach my goals along the way!  Click on any of the above label headings for invidivual commentaries on what I've been reading!!!!

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