Monday, October 19, 2009

Day 17: 348 days left…96 books to go!

Crazy Pregnant Avid Reader's Daily Hello!
  • Whew!  Today has been a hectic day!  Although I have completed my daily readings & blogged about them...and I even read an extra day's worth of bible readings today!  But I haven't accomplished much on the new read, "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" or completed my review of "Gone With the Wind"...but we'll see how the rest of the evening goes...I'm exhausted!  
    • Things in life are relatively good....I've been off from work @ WestJet waiting for my maternity uniform to arrive & it has been weeks & weeks....and I just found-out today that I'm being pulled-off of payroll again because the uniform company claims it took me a month to send the uniforms back for alteration, when in fact, I had sent them back the day after I received them....good times!  I'm doing an alright job of not stressing-out about it too much...but my husband isn't handling it quite as well!  He's the keeper of the budget, so things are a little more difficult for him!  
    • Baby's doing pretty good....I did get all gassy last night (tmi?!) from a simple glass of apple juice and was up till 4am trying to ease it down....let's hope for a better night's sleep tonight!
    • I'm really enjoying the new read so's quite hilarious....hopefully finish it on-time, but we'll see!
  Happy Monday everyone!!!  Hope you endured yours & we all go on to have more relaxing Tuesdays!!!  Happy Reading!

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