Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day 16: 349 days left…96 books to go!

The Love Dare:  Love promotes intimacy
  • Talking about opening-up your secrets to your spouse and letting them be truly intimate with you with those areas of each others' lives...interesting question asking if your knowing all your spouses' secrets makes them feel safe or scared?  I had to ponder that one for a time.....If your spouse shares his or her deepest, darkest secrets & personal struggles with you and you've taken that information harshly or held it against them in any way, they may feel more scared that you hold that information in your possession now and regretful for sharing it with you.  "If home is not considered a place of safety, you will both be tempted to seek it somewhere else."  "They will either know they're in a place of safety where they are free to make mistakes, or they will recoil into themselves and be lost to you, perhaps forever."  Thought-provoking read today............

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