Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 15: 350 days left….97 books to go!

Crazy Pregnant Avid Reader's Daily Hello!

   It's a gorgeous Saturday morning in's been quite cold the past week or so here, but today the temperature has risen to at least 5 degrees & we're appreciative of it!  I've just completed my daily readings for today & watched my husband & our dog return from their morning run....!  In a few moments, I will have to ready myself for the day, pack a few things (mostly books, of course!) and head-out with Jay & the dog to Jay's hometown, Birch Hills  SK for the rest of the weekend.  Jay has a project due for University that requires him to research his historical family tree & produce actual paperwork evidence of his findings.  This can only be done at home.  I intend to blog-away from Birch Hills tomorrow but may end up accomplishing that once we're home again, we'll see!

  I'm feeling great today, so hopefully the energy stays with me!  I intend to take a very long, glorious walk later on today to soak in the gorgeous weather while I still can!  Looking forward to having some one-on-one time with Jay that never seems to be enough!

  Baby's good today as far as I can tell....he's moving around now & then, but still not as noticeably as I'd like...I know it will come!  We're 21 weeks & 2 days along today....!

  Reading is going well...."Gone With the Wind" is slow, but sure and I'm enjoying it FAR more than I did the film, FAR more than I thought I would, in fact.  I'm highlighting a lot!  From my other readings today, I desire to accept the Word of God onto good soil that will produce a crop (Bible Reading), pray for Jay (The Love Dare), & rejoice in a habit of being, a joie de vivre that looks forward to & creates simple pleasures throughout the day (Simple Abundance). 

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