Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 14: Happy Friday!!! 351 days left…97 books to go!

Simple Abundance  Ceremonials for Common Days  (October 16th)
  • Good read today Sarah!  Thank You!  "We actually do most of our living among the common days, taking them for granted just the way we do the people we love."
    • "A liturgy of commonplace moments ripe for personal ritual might include:
        • sipping the first cup of coffee
        • putting on one's public face
        • eating at one's desk
        • window shopping
        • making a long-desired purchase
        • crossing the threshold at night
        • changing into comfortable clothes
        • hearing the sound of a loved one's homecoming footsteps
        • sitting down to a simple meal
        • being paid
        • traveling on business
        • sharing a laugh or a confidence or both!
        • indulging in rainy day reveries
        • curling up to watch videos at home
        • sleeping in late and having breakfast in bed
        • starting a good book
        • losing five pounds
        • having a good cry
        • and so on........ 
    • I high-lighted the few that are definitely moments to cherish for me that I should recognize more often as they happen...take more ceremony in them....What other commonplace moments would you add to the list?  Here are a few more that come to mind for me:
        • Sitting down on the sofa with 2 pieces of warm toast in the morning and pressing "start" on the shows that taped either the night before or in the early morning hours.....lately those shows are predominantly "Road to Avonlea", "The Ellen Degeneres Show", "Glee!" and "The Office" well as Oprah's Live Fridays......and the occasional epidsode of "So You Think You Can Dance"......
        • Sitting @ my desk in front of my laptop at some point during the day to check my facebook & email accounts and then dive into reading & blogging!  I love updating my status on facebook to what's new with me & my day....egotistical? maybe!  But I enjoy it all the same!  I love hearing what's new with my friends & acquaintances and being reminded of upcoming events....I also receive daily & weekly baby emails from a couple of websites that are often fun to read through....the really interesting or "good" ones I forward to Jay and we get excited with the stats of what's going on in Baby Zion's development that week or a milestone that we've achieved in the's fun!  And the reading with this book challenge has been so rewarding!  Especially with the daily selections of the Bible & Simple Abundance.....I do feel more connected to "The Sacred" these days, as Sarah would put it!
        • This one's for the absolute nerd in me!!!  Adding a new book or movie to my Living Social profile as read or watched!  Ha, ha!  I LOVE adding another title to my collections, rating them, sometimes reviewing them and often adding them to various lists!!!  If it's an especially good movie or one with many notable actors, it can take up a chunk of my time, but it really IS a ritual for me!!!
        • Climbing into bed alongside Jay at night and being pulled into a cozy favorite!
    • Send 3 or more of your commonplace moments ripe for personal ritual my way!  "But as I watch the starts of evening, and in the morning open my window toward the east, I shall observe the Ceremonial of quietness of heart, of simplicity, and poise of spirit, that I may keep my soul and the souls of others free form entanglements in the machinery of a day."  Ceremonials of Common Days by Abbie Graham

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