Saturday, October 24, 2009

Day 22: 343 days left…94 books to go!

The Love Dare  Love always protects
  •  Talking about how..."Love is a battlefield"!!!  All the things that can war against a marriage...
    • Harmful influences like internet & tv or busy work schedules
    • Unhealthy relationships with members of the opposite sex or friends who undermine your marriage
    • Shame by speaking negatively about your spouse publicly
    • Parasites such as addictions to gambling, drugs or pornography
  • "Wives- you have a role as protector in your marriage.  You must guard your heart from being led away through novels, magazines and other forms of entertainment that blur your perception of reality and put unfair expectations on your husband.  Instead you must do your part in helping him feel strong, while also avoiding talk-show thinking that can lure your attention away from your family."

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