Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 21: 344 days left…95 books to go!

  21 days-in to this challenge and I have completed reading 5 novels.  The longest of these was "Gone With the Wind" @ 1024 pages...which took me nearly 6 days to finish!  2nd longest was "A Tale of Two Cities" @ 520 pages...If I complete the next selection, "The Catcher in the Rye" by the end of tomorrow, I will be on track!  So far, so good!

  I have definitely had days where reading was not accomplished...I've found it's not easy when I have fabulous roommates vying for my attention!  But I'm extremely grateful for my roommates & have proven at this point, so far, that I can devote time to both...when Zion comes, it may be a different story!

  Personally, I'm fantastic today!  i've been quite tired lately...but have joy in my heart...Zion has been distinctly kicking much more frequently throughout the days now even so that Jay felt a couple of good ones in a row the other evening, which was thrilling!!!

  Also.....I have to send out HUGE thank you to one of my favorite readers, also a close friend of mine, Miss Ami Mulder!!! 

I felt like a famous blogger yesterday when I received in the mail the sweetest card AND 2 of the books I need to accumulate for this Challenge!  What a great friend!  That was a major encouragement!  Thank you SO much Ami!!!  I appreciate you!  I've been trying to update the slideshow on the bottom right column of the blog with the books I still need...gradually I will collect them all!

  Pretty soon, I'm off to the library to borrow "The Catcher in the Rye"....stay tuned for tomorrow's review which I will hopefully be ready to write!!! 

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