Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 23: 342 days left...94 books to go!

Simple Abundance  On Paying Bills
  •  Talking about how we can view paying bills in a more positive light..."We can pay for those services more serenely, even when we're strapped, by remembering that all financial transactions really boil down to an exchange of energy.  Someones provides us with energy in the form of heat, light, food, gas, clothing, shelter, the ability to speak to others over airwaves or watch movies from the comfort of our couches.  We reciprocate by paying for those services through energy in the form of money."
  • Remember that all U.S.D. currency has "In God We Trust" inscripted on it...and in God we should trust all our money woes to...
  • "Guard me against the arrogance of privilege, against the indulgence of feeling that I don't have enough, and the poverty of spirit that refuses to acknowledge what is daily given me...Keep me truthful in knowing where I spend, where my values actually are."  Gunilla Norris "Being Home"

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