Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day 26: 339 days left…93 books to go!

Simple Abundance  Financial Serenity
  • Great advice today...I'd like to take some time to see if I can put this into practice...
    • "...there are certain actions we can take to increase our wealth.  The first is choosing to live on less than we earn, so that we can save and share more.  
      • Many of us want savings accounts in theory, but psychologically resist them.  That's because we associate savings with deprivation instead of gratification.  For in order to save we must do without something else.  What we don't consider is that having a savings account enables us eventually to experience authentic satisfaction instead of the cheap imitation of instant gratification...
      • How much would you save?  Start with whatever you can, but aim for ten percent of whatever money comes your way, depositing it in your account before it goes somewhere else."
  I shall let you know if I pull this off!

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