Monday, October 26, 2009

Day 24: 341 days left….94 books to go!

Michelle's Daily Hello for today!!!

  I spend at least 80% of my time these days, at home...just chilling...and yet I was so exhausted this morning that I slept-in till an unmentionable hour, stumbled into the living room and realized that my body is once again fighting-off a sickness.  If I'm lucky, with my immune system...and I take it easy and rest for a few days, it won't even materialize & I'll sneak away energetic and healthy...but seriously, how do I get even remotely sick when I hardly leave the house?  It beats me.... My little brother's boarding-school is shut down this week with all students either sent home or quarantined in their dorm rooms.  A breakout of either Norwalk or H1N1 spread through the school last week and 3/4 of the students, including my little brother were quite sick...My parents came into town the other day & brought my little brother with them and I have to say...I stayed at a comfortable distance away from him!  I wasn't actually sure I wanted him in the house!  I didn't mean to treat him as "the diseased one" or anything...but being 5 months pregnant...I suppose I should be taking precautions, right?

  Anyway....I wasted away the day up until about half an hour ago, just couching & watching my 2 favorite shows (Road to Avonlea & Ellen) and a movie....then I finally decided to get my but in gear & get blogging...!  There's house-cleaning to attend to today in abundance as well, or course....but for now...I'm basking in luxurious relaxation and using this possible coming sickness as a crutch to not attack the dog-hair all over my floor or the dirty dishes on the kitchen counter.....a time for everything, right?

  As I have to have the next book read by the end of tomorrow, I need to get crackin' on it too!  Hopefully there'll be a review posted on time!  Hope everyone else out there is staying healthy & having a lovely Monday!

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